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Grafikbausatz "Overlays" PROFI ©

Artikelnummer: 040-profi
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This graphic set of "professional" contains masks and backgrounds, overlay 491 of high quality, ready texts, badge presentations in the iPhone design, badges in 4 colours (rounded and square) and much more, one altogether can make very beautiful pocket camera and PC visualizations visually more than 6190 graphics with these (in 4 sizes).  With this professional version you have all common symbols for tax and display modes which ones for EIB/KNX are needed. Everything in a uniform design.

This unique graphic sentence is kept in the "iPhone design" and modern and which PNG graphics can be able process for all visualizations used (such as the Gira Home server/Facillityserver) be.  The high-quality and high-resolution PNG graphics are produced with great care and make looking visualizations possible fast and simply professionally.  If you also make your markings of KNX tactile sensors yourself, you also can use these graphics if your graphics program can import PNG graphics. Through this you can make a uniform symbol architecture possible in the whole plant.   

A click on "reading/preview" (above in the price field) opens the union catalogue as PDF!  The union catalogue shows openly what is contained in the different versions BASIC update professional! 

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1. Grafikbausatz "Overlays" PROFI ©
EUR 79,90
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2. LTS-Toolsoftware für KNX © AUTHOR-VERSION (create own databases)
EUR 159,00
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