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Simple & honest, Making money with the internet ©

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This ebook by author Manfred K.U. Meier is not a cheap information product, that only shows some quick opportunities for earning money with the Internet. The methods shown in many alike ebooks are not even applicable because they require too much technical knowledge.

This ebook is different!

In this ebook, the author describes exactly his approved way that he is fully convinced of. Everything is explained very detailed, starting from a first incidental idea, the first earned money to a respectable Internet business.

Simple and honest!

For most people with mediocre computer knowledge, this ebook provides a realistic and achievable opportunity to change their life through more financial security.

The purpose of this ebook: people help people.

This ebook can inspire people who are searching for possibilities to achieve financial progression through an additional or main income, to think and to find their own ways of earning money with the Internet. It shows ways of creating a second pillar or work part time without the risk of being self-employed straight away. Additionally this ebook provides a whole chapter of personality training with helpful tips on how to gain more success and joy in life. Which means every buyer will get great use out of it!

Target group: whom is this ebook interesting for?

  • For everybody who wants to earn money in a sincere way,
  • for everybody who always wanted to write a book,
  • for everybody looking for part time automatic additional income,
  • for everybody who likes to read about success stories,
  • for everybody who wants to do something good for others by buying it (win-win-win)

and by doing so

  • want to have more time and money to spend,
  • want to gain more freedom and independence,
  • want to achieve more success and autonomy,
  • attain more self confidence,
  • get more self assurance,
  • accomplish more joy in life.

Additionally in the chapter about personality training one learns how to

  • reach goals in life easier,
  • turn problems into challenges,
  • change from a negative to a positive thinker,
  • get rid of old habits at last,
  • finally gain back power and energy,
  • make decisions much easier,
  • motivate oneself over and over.

Guaranteed low price

Comparable ebooks are normally sold for 80 to 90 US Dollars. In order to make this knowledge affordable for in fact everybody (even if unemployed) who seriously wants to achieve more, the author approved to sell his piece of work for this special price! In any way it makes a navigation system to more success!

And nevertheless...

... the author always donates part of the income from this ebook (as from his other ebooks) directly to relief organizations. Therefore every single copy that is sold helps other people too who need our aid urgently! (Win-win-win)

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