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What is WIN-WIN-WIN?

At all products with this sign ...

relief organizations of EM ebook receive a part of the takings!

All EM ebook products fulfil the rules of a WIN-WIN situation!

The buyer gets a product whose use value considerably is above the selling price. We take the ebook "Der ultimative EIB-Schnellkurs ©" as an example.

This ebook costs impressive 169,00 euros. However, it brings the buyer a considerably higher use value. To be able to learn the topic from the ebook, one should take several special courses (current price 75,- euro, starter 1 day seminar 300,- euro, 5 day seminar project planning and putting into operation 1.300,- euro). The costs for the journey and accommodation still arise in addition to these costs. If one lets e.g. an employee do these valuable courses, one has an employee trained very well. If this leaves the business and what is? You simply can give the next employee the EM ebook course. A little ambition shows this, he can take the first EIB plant according to 1-2 days exercise with the E Book into operation if. This has already proved this E Book a hundred times. Therefore "Der ultimative EIB-Schnellkurs ©" saves the ebook for the buyers much time, money and nerves. And this all for 169,00 euro. A classic WIN-WIN situation. Both win side. The buyer and the seller.

How does a WIN-WIN situation turn into a WIN-WIN WIN situation?

 Very simple! The author and publisher Manfred Meier lives the following principle:

A life shall be ponder and nutritious. Every man has (God or to whom or what you just may think now) the duty or at least this to contribute right, a small contribution to the promotion of mankind in front of our creator.  A good inner self-esteem gives both sides to support, to promote and to run through the too more success and living joy others by knowledge of its own. If one helps others to get more success, one also gets more success himself. And, if one helps much, one gets much success. And if one has much success why shall one not share others which were not lucky to be entrusting ears in a rich country then? For this reason EM ebook supports relief organizations every month with donation monies which are always donated production-orientatedly.

A WIN-WIN WIN situation gets so simple from a WIN-WIN situation!

The vision of Manfred Meier:

I need this not even for the life to get so much success with the E Books one day, that the surpluses (money) also for very big aid projects
(e.g. children's homes, schools, well sinking ...) suffice!

Sold E Book with the WIN-WIN WIN logo contributes to come closer to these aims everybody!

   I stand for it with my names,

best wishes

Manfred Karl Uwe Meier

This text was translated mechanically! We ask for your understanding everything is translated 100% correctly if not! 

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